NaNoWriMo Excerpt #1

Albericht knew nothing of fighting but the look in his attacker’s eyes was unmistakable. A desperate and dangerous fervor burned in them so brightly that it bordered on insanity. Is this what he would become? The above is an excerpt from my National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Project. For more updates on this please check […]

Typewriter Tidbits #2

The cynic and romantic in me continually circle each other. Each trading cautious blows at the other, neither one wanting to fully commit. A jab here, a block there. Two foes destined to be equals until one decides to just walk away. This piece was originally debuted on my Instagram account @connorgriffinwrites. For more early […]

Typewriter Tidbits

It is with great excitement that I begin writing the inagural post of my #TypewriterTidbit series. My weapon of choice this fine evening is a 1949 Smith-Corona Sterling that was gifted to meRead more…by my soon-to-be father-in-law. Big shoutout and thank you to him for this wonderful new toy.