Why I Write on Instagram

  The beautiful thing about writing is that it has the ability to be expressed across a multitude of mediums. With the rise of social media outlets such as Instagram there has emerged an entirely new breed of writers: those who craft their works in 140 characters or are limited to the space inside a single post. Studying […]

The Woodcutter

He needs two things. A wedge to start and an axe to finish. With those two things he can warm the family all winter. That is not why he does it though. The woodcutter does it for himself. He does it for the ability to escape, if only for a moment, the world around him. […]

Come With Me

I wrote this pulled over on the side of I-90 last weekend. Heading east over the mountains, towards my parents homestead, early in the morning, the clouds had just broken over the mountain tops letting the rising sun slice into existence. Sometimes things hit you in a way that you have no choice but to stop […]

Typewriter Tidbits #2

The cynic and romantic in me continually circle each other. Each trading cautious blows at the other, neither one wanting to fully commit. A jab here, a block there. Two foes destined to be equals until one decides to just walk away. This piece was originally debuted on my Instagram account @connorgriffinwrites. For more early […]

Typewriter Tidbits

It is with great excitement that I begin writing the inagural post of my #TypewriterTidbit series. My weapon of choice this fine evening is a 1949 Smith-Corona Sterling that was gifted to meRead more…by my soon-to-be father-in-law. Big shoutout and thank you to him for this wonderful new toy.