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Reina and I received some pretty awesome news from our wedding photographer this weekend. It turns out we are basically famous in the wedding community. Well, Reina is. Actually, the photos that Tonie Christine Photography took of Reina (I was around too) are famous. They’re famous because our entire engagement shoot was featured in Junebug Weddings‘ blog! 

When we saw that Tonie’s pictures had been featured on Junebug Weddings Reina had to explain to me how big of a deal it was. I’d seen their website before. It had come up more than once during wedding planning. What I didn’t realize was that they have nearly 300K followers on Instagram and have created quite the wedding resource blog for soon-to-be married couples like Reina and I.

The best thing about being featured on Junebug Weddings? (Aside from all the incredibly deserved recognition Tonie will get, of course). The title of their feature article!

You’ll Never Guess Where These Desert Engagement Photos Really Took Place

Photo by Tonie Christine Photography

When Reina and I read the headline for the shoot’s feature we immediately burst into laughter. We figured it was probably the most exotic headline ever written about our hometown of Yakima, WA.

Yakima, where we did our shoot at the end of September, is not generally known for scenic vistas. I say this as respectfully as possible, but for those of you who don’t live in the state of Washington, the sign that reads “Yakima: The Palm Springs of Washington” as you rip by on I-82 is one of the strongest cases for a false advertising claim that I’ve ever seen.

Luckily my parents have a small homestead about 10 miles west of town. It’s nestled into the eastern foothills of the Cascades and teir front porch looks out on acres of high desert. Sage brush, cheat grass, and sun-burned stones checker the otherwise barren landscape. As Tonie captured so excellently in our photos, it really does carry it’s own form of desolate beauty.

The article’s headline is fitting though. Nobody would guess our pictures were taken in Yakima. Many people don’t even realize there is a desert in Washington, let alone that it can be beautiful!

We are so incredibly grateful to Tonie for capturing our relationship so well. When we asked her to travel with us to the high desert she didn’t even hesitate! She (and Reina, who was in that stunning but not very warm dress) braved cold wind gusts and the possibility of rattlesnakes to capture every detail perfectly.

Reina and I are so glad that Tonie’s work was picked up and featured by Junebug Weddings. Tonie has worked so incredibly hard and it’s great to see her accomplish one of her goals! It doesn’t hurt the ego to hear our photos (i.e. Reina) described as beautiful and stunning and a whole lot of “YAAAAAAAS!” all over social media either.

Click the picture above to read the Junebug article and see more photos from the shoot. If you live in the Washington area and are getting married soon please check Tonie’s blog below. All of her work is stunning!

Tonie Christine Photography | TCP

Thanks again Tonie and Junebug Weddings!



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