Running in the Rain

Today was a wet one, even by Seattle standards. Until just about now it had been constant sheets of rain for the last twelve hours. So obviously I went running at lunch. 

Alright. I’m not a crazy person. I didn’t plan on running at lunch today. This fact was made painfully obvious by the 100% cotton sweatshirt, double-lined basketball style shorts I only wear when working out my upper body, and a glaring lack of extra socks (why is it always socks I forget?). But, when a group of guys known around the office for their lunch time runs starts giving you a hard time about not being tough enough to run in “a little” rain you don’t get to say, “no, not today, guys.”

And so, wearing none of my normal running clothes aside from my (brand new) running shoes, I ducked out of the warm, safe, dry office locker room and into the leading edge of the worst storm in recent history. Luckily one of the guys loaned me an actual running jacket to spare me the misery of having to run with a water-logged sweatshirt, not that it did anything to actually keep me dry. I had also managed to scrounge up a baseball cap and a pair of gloves to keep about half of the water out of my eyes and my hands warm for the first part of the run.

I say the part of the run because right around mile two or three all of us were completely soaked. Dry is obviously best. But dry just wasn’t going to be an option. Being half wet/kinda dry is just about the worst. Once you get soaked through though it is what it is going to be and you just learn to roll with it.

img_2671I’m not saying it was a monsoon or anything, but we got more than one weird look from people riding nice and dry in their cars and even a handful of honks from teasing encouraging coworkers on their way to lunch (inside a nice dry place). In the end we managed 5.3miles at a 9min/mi pace and to create three massive puddles on the locker room floor afterwards. I even got the chance to try out the effectiveness of the wet/dry compartment of my gym bag. **SPOILER ALERT** It doesn’t work. Not when you have nearly five pounds of soggy clothes in it at least.

Despite being soaked to the bone, cold, hungry, (and a little sore from it) each one of us agreed that it was arguably the most enjoyable run any of us had taken all year. Sure you might not think that running in a rainstorm would be a good idea. Hell, maybe it wasn’t. But at the end of the day, even grown men like to splash through puddles when they get the chance.

Go get those puddles,


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