Submissions: A Blast from the Past

A crazy thing happened last week. Out of nowhere I received an email from a complete stranger saying they had stumbled across my blog. Not this one, but a previous incarnation of it that was still floating around the internet. She had apparently enjoyed some of my writing and asked if I would like to […]

Why I Write on Instagram

  The beautiful thing about writing is that it has the ability to be expressed across a multitude of mediums. With the rise of social media outlets such as Instagram there has emerged an entirely new breed of writers: those who craft their works in 140 characters or are limited to the space inside a single post. Studying […]

NaNoWriMo Excerpt #1

Albericht knew nothing of fighting but the look in his attacker’s eyes was unmistakable. A desperate and dangerous fervor burned in them so brightly that it bordered on insanity. Is this what he would become? The above is an excerpt from my National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Project. For more updates on this please check […]