Sneak Peek: Wedding Photos

Yesterday marked one month of marriage for Reina and I. I’m still trying to figure out where that time went. Hopefully it slows down, because I want to savor every moment. Fittingly, our photographer put up an extended sneak peek of our pictures on her blog. As promised, I’ve picked out a few of my favorites to show you here. If you want to see more, you’ll have to head over to Tonie’s website for the complete gallery of wedding photos.



Photo: Tonie Christine Photography
Bride and Groom
Photo: Tonie Christine Photography
Wedding Party
Photo: Tonie Christine Photography
Wedding Venue
Photo: Tonie Christine Photography
First Kiss
Photo: Tonie Christine Photography
First Dance
Photo: Tonie Christine Photography 

I have just a brief thing to say about the final picture.

I am not a dancer; rhythm escapes me, I’m awkward and clumsy, feet are constantly being stepped on or tripped over.  Overall, I’m about as confident of a dancer as I am of my usage of a semi-colon in the previous sentence.

None of that matters when I dance with Reina. She makes me forget about the fact I’m half a beat too quick with each step or that I never know what the next move is. There is only her and if I have that then nothing else matters.

We’re only 1 month in and in 20 years that won’t seem like much but right now it is everything. I love my wife and I hope we having a lifetime of dancing together.

Again, see the full gallery, as well as a bunch of other fantastic weddings, at Tonie Christine Photography. If you happen to be getting married in the Seattle area, there is no better photographer around. I cannot recommend her enough. Thanks for helping this day last forever, Tonie!

I promise this will be the last gushy wedding post for a while. After two years of planning and hard work to bring it all together, it’s a little hard to let it go.

Until next time,



Photography: Tonie Christine Photography
Florals and Design: Juliet and Lou
Venue: AXIS Pioneer Square


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