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For the past five years I have building a blog called Wanna-Be Writer. It started as a project when I was a sophomore in collegem intended to be a blog on writing for other writers. To my surprise it had a measure of mild success at one point with a loyal and participatory audience. Around the time I approached graduation, however, I realized that I was not going to be keeping the lights on with my writing alone. So I got a grown-up job. As writing slowly stopped being the singular focus in my life – giving away space for work, hobbies, relationships, and a myriad of other interests – I always knew that I needed to continue blogging.

So I began to stretch Wanna-Be Writer. At the time I called it an evolution, but looking back I realize now that I really was just stretching the blog to fit something other than it’s original purpose. It began to show, too. Blogging was still fun but I began questioning the direction that Wanna-Be Writer was going in and whether or not it was capable of continuing down that path. I had added topics and started blogging on a number of different things, trying to make it more of a lifestyle or personal blog that also included bits of my writing. As time passed, I began to sour on this transformation. Posts came with less and less frequency as I struggled to reconcile what I was writing about with the sites existing identity. My wonderful friends, family, and other long-time audience members began to pick up on this, even if they didn’t understand exactly what it was.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I was going to have to make a catastrophic change. At first I considered a wholesale redesign and rebranding of Wanna-Be Writer. I immediately loathed that idea. Wanna-Be Writer had been a significant part of my writing life. I felt like I owed a part of my evolution as a writer to it. To shape that into something completely different than it was intended to be would merely be a continuation of the process that was causing me so much grief.

I needed to start fresh. Therefore I decided to let Wanna-Be Writer continue to exist, if only as a personal relic to keep in my own collection. I wouldn’t be adding new content to it, but I couldn’t bring myself to take it down completely. The only course of action in my eye was to build an entirely new blog from scratch. I wanted to create something with an identity that was honest to who I am and to have the ability to change and grow with me.

Thus, Connor Griffin Writes was born.

There are a lot of very different aspects to who I am and the life I live. If I may deign to use a clichè, a jack-of-all-trades, master of none if you will. At my core, deeper than anything else is my passion and identity as writer. It touches every aspect of who I am. It shapes how I view, interpret, and interact with the life I have built and the world around me. My blog needed to be able to reflect all of that. It was a lot to try and encompass but for this, as in most cases, the best answer was the simplest.

I am Connor Griffin, and I write.

I hope that you enjoy it half as much as I do.



P.S. The photo used in this post, and in my sidebar is courtesy of Tonie Christine Photography.

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