Why I Write on Instagram


Why I Write on Instagram
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The beautiful thing about writing is that it has the ability to be expressed across a multitude of mediums. With the rise of social media outlets such as Instagram there has emerged an entirely new breed of writers: those who craft their works in 140 characters or are limited to the space inside a single post.

Studying Literature in college I had more than one professor who would have scoffed so hard their mighty jowls would have been jiggling for days at the idea of an “InstaPoet.” They would balk because today’s writers do not confine themselves to the rules established by the literary scholars such as themselves. But I would argue that the primary role of the writer is to constantly find new ways and mediums through which to express themselves. Through that endeavor they make themselves available to more people. I think that is the primary reason (among many) we see so many writers gaining fame on Instagram.

While I assign no social media fame to myself, I have undoubtedly enjoyed exploring this new frontier of writing. My notebook is, more often than not, filled with scribblings that are eventually molded into tiny pits of prose or poetry that are shaped with Instagram in mind. As I continue to explore this new venue, I find that I like the end product more and more.

If you choose to explore this new world of writing for yourself I think you will find writing on Instagram follows an entirely different set of rules. Or, the lack thereof. The necessarily condensed writing that comes from a platform of limited space more often than not packs a mightier punch. In many ways, Instagram acts as a still, condensing words and emotions alike until they are a heady and potent product that can leave you reeling if you partake in too much of it in one sitting.

From personal experience I find that I write very differently on Instagram that I do here, or on my other projects. The condensed atmosphere forces me to be more visceral and does not allow me to mask my emotions behind the comfort and security that comes with my usual wordy, long-form. I will be the first to admit that it was scary at first and I pulled my punches on more than one occasion in the beginning. Since then, however, I’ve learned to find comfort in it.  And as such I’ve made the decision to share pieces I feature on Instagram here every now and then.

If you like what you read and want to follow me on Instagram I’m pretty easy to find. Just search “connorgriffinwrites” or click the Follow on Instagram button the right-hand side of my blog for Instagram-exclusives and insights into my daily life as a writer.

I would also encourage you to search the hashtag #writer or #writersofinstagram and explore the thousands of brilliant pieces out there. You might just be surprised at what you find.

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